OpenGL Exercise Course

Here are my exercise course slides and exercises I prepared for a lecture on computer graphics with OpenGL at the University of Oldenburg. The slides do not in any sense claim to be exhaustive still they provide a lot of information needed to get started with OpenGL and in particular with JOGL 2. In case you spot any mistake make sure to contact me.

Course Slides
  • 2010-JOGL-01-Organisation.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-02-Einfuehrung.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-03-OpenGL-Crash-Course.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-04-Geometrische-Primitive.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-05-Transformationen [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-06-Licht-und-Material [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-07-Nebel [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-08-Torus-Knoten.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-09-Texture-Mapping.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-10-Wavefront-OBJ.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-11-Toon-Shading.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-12-Projection-Shadows.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt01.pdf [pdf] [TeX]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt02.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt03.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt04.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt05.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt06.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt07.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt08.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt09.pdf (Not Available)
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt10.pdf [pdf]
  • 2010-JOGL-Uebungsblatt11.pdf [pdf]
Exercise Supplements
  • JOGL 2.0 Basecode [java]
  • Stanford Bunny [obj]
Exercise Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the exercises. (Courtesy of Bernd Hochschulz, Timo Scheffler and Jannis Stachowiak)