I found these links in the 9th magazine of c't 1995. They are from a list in the article "Internet-Highlights" on pages 251 to 252. I will add other links to this list that might be interesting. So this won't be the original list after some time.

Places to Enter the Net

Europe Online: Service separated in communication, news und entertainment
German Web-Catalogue: Search engine for German web pages
Page from Geneva to Enter the Net: Overall view, catalogues, and tips
Global Network Navigator: Father of all internet-catalogues and hitlists
Galaxy: Catalogue with different headings
Prize-Winning WWW-Sites: The best of the Web '94/'95
WWW FAQ: by Thomas Boutell
Overall view of WWW-Server: WWW-Server of the world in geographic order
Yahoo: A lot of important links in alphabetical order
WELL: overall view of the net

Search Engines

Guide through the Web: Over 1,5 Millionen web-sites; 1Millionen articels from 10000 newsgroups
Aliweb: Archie-like index for the web
WWW Virtual Library (CERN): A distributed subject catalogue
DejaNews: THE tool for searching Usenet
InfoSeek: Your roadmap to the Internet
Lycos: One of the biggest catalogs of the internet
SavvySearch: Overview of retrieval-engines
WebCrawler: Search engine by America Online
World Wide Web Worm: Serving 3,000,000 URL's to 2,000,000 folks/month
URL-minder: keeps track of Web pages and sends you e-mail whenever your registered resources change
WebCompass: Information about the web compass
All-in-One: Search Page by William Cross.
Internet-Agent: Now you will alway know what is happening in the net.
Information Center: Important WWW-Search Engines
Research Service: WWW-Pages, Newsgroups, Computermagazines; a subject to charges
Searching for Cues: Important Search Engines by Quarterdeck


CAS: Want to drive through Germany by car? Here is a routefinder.
BkmMapViewer: Map and information about the German town Köln.
News und Information Nando.net. They say: "We offer the best info service"
User Statistics: Market research detected: The typical Internet-User is ...
CIA World Fact Book: Secret information about every country in the world, now free of charges
Tomorrows Weather: Calculated satellite picture of Germany
German News: Daily news and a year overall view in German
News Service: Computer, hardware, environment, economy, telecommunication ...
NEWSdesk: Online-news: telecommunication and IT


Die Bildzeitung: A German newspaper
Der heisse Draht: A German newspaper
Stern: A well known German Magazine about politics and commercial
Wallstreet Direkt: Tools for the Computerized Trader & Investor
Daily Me: Your own newspaper
Süddeutsche Zeitung: South German Newspaper
Titanic Online: The traditional satire magazine
The Spiegel: Articles out of the Hamburger news magazin
Electronic Magazine: 430 E-zines overall view
Netsurfer Digest: Place for Internauts - Tips, WebSites, reports
taz Online: The taz of tomorrow
Time Magazine: The Time-Universum - articels and services
TV Today: TV-program, Shopping Mall
Publisher Heinz Heise: c't, iX, Elrad, Gateway
Wired: The American magazine in the net; more then online
Magazines in the Net: Overall view


Physics News: Nothing to explain about that one
Technology/Electronics: Science databases of the union of Electronic-Engineers

Traveling/Far Countries

Travel Information Service TIS provides information about the cheapest air fares, hotel rates and car rentals worldwide.
Free Guide: The Thomas Schreiber publishing firm offers guides and phrasebooks
Gumbo: Chuck Taggart from New Orleans discribes his home
Learning foreign languages: Learning foreign languages in a quick way
Last Minute Journeys: Cheap tickets to vacation
Town Information: Information about towns around the world
TII - Tourismus Info Internet: Travel infos in German, flightschedules and train services
Traveling the World in the Internet: The Virtual Tourist - in 60 seconds around the world


UDIwww1.02, (HTML3.0): WWWbrowser for Windows from Germany
93.227 Shareware-Programs: for download from the Jumbo-WebSite
4 Chipnews: List of common chips, documentations, producer with links
CPU Info Center: All about the heart of computer
Internet-Shop: Software-suite for your own internet-Shop


Radio FFN: A german radio station
Welcome to Greenville: Discussions about environment, art and culture.
DINO-Religion: List of religios pages
Church interactive: Page for devout Catholics
Word: Issues, Culture
Digital Middle Ages: WWW-Server for researches on the middle ages
The Mega-Story: the online-version of the never ending story.
Computerphilosophy: Thoughts about Computer, Software, Internet. (Jaron Lanier)
Hollywood: Film-Trailer, Sound-Clips, interactive multimedia-kits for download
Cinema database: Movies, stars, Oscars, ...
Music is in the Air: All about music; Links to other servers
Underground-Music: CD-News, artists, record-labels, magazines
Louvre in WWW: Times of opening and charges of entrance, history of the buildings


Libaries, Books: Catalogues, economy data, encyclopedias, copyable books
Encyclopedia Britannica: The knowledge of humanity online
Gutenberg-Project: Classic, English Literature

Virtual Communities

JavaTetris: Tetris! What do I have to say?
Java-Spiel "Get The Key": Remember the right colour to the right letter
Doom in the Internet: Kill monster, find treasures and save virgines
Monsterpark: Have a great time with adventures non stop
Your own homepage: Write your own page and we will publish it for you
Toy Story: About the movie: Toy Story
Digital Daiquiri: Internet-Pup. Kind of IRC
CyberCity: A digital City.
Postcards: Send postcards by EMail
Global Monopoly: The well known game
German-Net: Diskussions, Shopping, Hobbys ..., need to be registered
Discussions: English speeking chit-chat club, events
Time Warner: Online-game 'Virtual Rome'


Share Prizes: Updated every 10 to 30 minutes
Banks important internet-addresses
Free Information about Share Prizes: by Tele-Stock (yesterday's rates).
Bosnien: Visit the Bosnia field of war
Share Prizes: Deutsche Bank - share prizes and tips
Greenpeace: Information, events
Jobs: Reed Jobnet - Jobs for English speeking
Jobs The electronic way to search for a job


Shopping Spree: Virtual shop in Berlin
Electronic Money: Test of Digicash, Online-Shopping
Marketplace: Over 3,300 producers with information about their products ,demos
Shopping-Mile: English Shopping-mile in the Internet
Virtal Record Shop: Online-Shopping for music fans

World Wide Dictionaries

Foreign Language Master - Java: A great Dictionary
Dictionaries: A list of some more dictionaries
English <-> German: A very simple dictionary (100.000 words)
The new English-German Dictionary: there are more than 130.000 translations
German-English Dictionary: This is the WWW version of the Vilim Vesligaj's old, tiny translation program
LEO Dictionary: This dictionary right now contains more than 130.000 entries

Interesting Nonesense

e-minder The e-minder will send you automated e-mail messages to remind you of birthdays, anniversarys, ...
Pizzahut: Order a pizza at Pizzahut
Coffe: Up-to-date picture of a coffemachine in England
Church: Visit the Confession Booth
Robotic Tele-Excavation: Give commands to a Robot in California