HVSC Scanner

Current version: v1.3


December 23rd, 2003
HVSC Scanner v2 is in the works!
Stay tuned!

What is HVSC Scanner?

HVSC Scanner is a tool for Microsoft Windows which allows you to scan a directory tree for SID files (Commodore 64 music files, extension ".sid"), gather information about them and output the information to a text file in various different formats. For example, you can make it create HTML files, files in a MySQL compatible format and much more. HVSC Scanner V2 (not yet released) will even allow you to completely customize the output the way you want.

Why is it called "HVSC Scanner"?

I named the program after the HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection), which is the biggest and best collection of SID files available, as my primary intention was to create a tool to gather and output information about this collection.


Here are some screenshots of the running program.

Some screenshots of the new version are to be found here.


HVSC Scanner v1.3 (Win 9x/ME/2000/XP) (248kb) Download


For bug reports, suggestions and general feedback, you may contact the author at blackspawn(at)blackspawn.de(NOSPAM). (Change (at) to @ and remove (NOSPAM) ;)