Firefox MLdonkey/eMule/aMule Protocol Handler

This is a protocol handler for Firefox 1.5 and later that forwards some link types to a running MLdonkey, eMule or aMule web interface enabled client. Previous versions also run with older versions of Firefox and the discontinued Mozilla browser suite. The protocol handler is implemented in JavaScript and should run on any platform supported by Mozilla or Firefox.

Supported protocols are ed2k:, magnet: and sig2dat:. BitTorrent links are supported as well. For eMule and aMule, only ed2k: is supported, of course.

(version 2.5)

Changes for version 2.5

Old versions can be found here.


The web interface of your Donkey client must be enabled and Firefox must have access to the corresponding port.

For eMule it is advised that you set your web interface template to default (eMule.tmpl). It may work with other templates but this has not been tested.

Please note that eMule and aMule support is still beta and has only been tested to work with eMule versions 0.45* and 0.46a, as well as aMule version 2.1.3, respectively. Also note that current authentication support for both is insecure! Passwords are sent in plain. Please send eMule specific questions to Dan Fritz.


The protocol handler is GUI configurable through Firefox' Add-ons menu. You can go there by clicking on Tools->Add-ons from the main bar of pull-down menus. Select the MLdonkey Protocol Handler and click on Preferences. A configuration dialog should pop up, which has tooltips to explain all configurable options. Remember to restart your browser before the options take effect!

By default, the extension will connect to a MLdonkey client on localhost, port 4080. All protocols are handled and responses are displayed in a new window.


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